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Immagine profilo

Hello folks!

My name is Frelly,

welcome to my world!

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Who is Frelly?

Enrico Focarelli Barone, alias Frelly, is a full-time freelance illustrator with more 10-year experience

born in Catanzaro, Calabria, south Italy. Actually based in Rome.

He graduated from the European Institute of Design in 2012 and, after finishing his studies, he started his career as an editorial and conceptual illustrator for publishing and advertising studios.

Pastel colors, simple lines, surreal worlds and a wise use of textures are the common thread of his illustrations where dreams and reality meet.

He loves traveling, Vespa, volleyball and, of course, drawing.





Nutella, Ferrero, Corriere della Sera, Il Foglio, Repubblica, Kiplinger's Magazine, TIM, Picame,

Food editore, Cantine Ippolito 1845, Ogilvy Italy, Servier Italia, Loescher publisher, De Agostini, Piemme, La Nuova Frontiera, Bookabook,

Globus rivista, iQuadro s.r.l., LatoC, Officine06.





Annual Awards Autori di Immagini, 2024 (bronze medal winner)

100 Best Annual Creative Quarterly, 2022

American Illustration 141 (chosen winner)

Annual Awards Autori di Immagini, 2021 (selected)

Tapirulan Illustrators Contest 2021 (popular prize winner)

Designers Against Coronavirus, 2020 (selected)

100 Best Annual Creative Quarterly, 2020 (winner)

Creative Quarterly, 2020 (award of excellence)

Creative Quarterly N.62, 2019 (winner)

Creative Quarterly N.56, 2019 (winner)

3x3 Illustration Annual N°16, 2019 (merit winner)



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

Feel free to send me an email or a message.

Phone +39 340/ 7565 076

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